Дата размещения: 08.06.2021

British Airways customers now have access to discounted Covid-19 PCR tests administered by a testing specialist in the comfort of their own home, with provider Wren Healthcare.

Once ordered, Wren Healthcare will book a slot for a testing specialist to visit the customer’s home to take a PCR sample, avoiding the need for a trip to a dedicated testing facility. When the sample has been taken, the testing specialist will deliver the test directly to the lab, avoiding any postal delays and the results will be available within 24hours.

British Airways customers have access to these at home tests with Wren Healthcare at a reduced rate of £129. If a customer wishes to visit a clinic to have their sample taken, they can do so for £99. The airline has also recently updated its dedicated webpage, to make it easier for customers to find the right test to meet the entry requirements for their destination at a an appropriate price:

Tom Stevens, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said: “We are committed to exploring ways to make sure that our customers have access to affordable tests that suit their needs. We know that sourcing and sending PCR tests away shortly before travel can make people anxious. We are pleased to have found and negotiated a reduced price option for those who would prefer to take a test in the comfort of their own home or in a clinic, safe in the knowledge they will be delivered straight to a lab for rapid and reliable results.”

The airline has consistently championed testing as a way to re-open travel safely and has ensured its customers have access to a wide range of discounted Covid-19 pre-departure, return to the UK and arrivals testing options.

Testing options for customers:

  Leaving the UK Testing outside the UK UK arrivals

Green (PCR)

UK arrivals Amber (PCR) Test to release Testing options
Chronomics         £99 Home tests
CityDoc £125 (PCR)   £60


£120 £125 Home tests & London Clinics
Collinson £66 (PCR)   £66 £132 £76 At airport
Eurofins £40.41 (PCR)         Home tests
Express test £57 (PCR)   £66 £124 £66 At airport and test centres
Halo £76.76 (PCR)   £76.76 £149.52 £76.76 Home tests
LetsGetChecked £69.30 (PCR) US only $76.30       Home tests
Medicspot £84.15 (PCR) £38.25 £109.65 £186.15 £84.15 Home tests
Qured £33 (antigen)

£84 (PCR)

£33 (antigen) £84 £178.50   Home tests
Randox £43 (PCR)   £43 £86 £43 Home tests
Wren Healthcare £99 (PCR in clinic)

£129 (PCR home visit)

  £99 £190 £99 In clinic or home visits

(Prices listed are starting prices)

Elsewhere British Airways was the first airline in the world to start a trial with medical tech company Canary Global, to assess how its Pelican Covid-19 Ultra Rapid Covid-19 test, which displays a result within 25 seconds, can play a role in opening up travel. The airline will be inviting flight and cabin crew to take the Pelican Covid-19 test before it explores how it can play a role for customers.

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